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DJB Radio On-Air Release Notes


- change to read commands from station database (OnairSettings must be run and edit command cuts to import commands before running)

- Audio Path and database Settings have changed please review settings before running Onair, The Onair Settings Program should make the proper changes

- upgrades to Automation engine timing

- added a Real Start Time in addition to the Scheduled time

- moved all Metadata to the Metadata manager

 due to the move to metadata manager the RDStext, shoutcasttext, and nowplayingtext commands are no longer supported

- added metadatawrite command format metadatwrite artist;title;album

- fix hot keys playback not resetting timers on completed playback

- fix not being able to play the same hot key button back to back

- onair settings allows settings changes when paths are invalid

- made changes to help reduce graphical flickers on timers when updating

- cut playback history has been changed to artist playback history

- fix for cuts set to reset relays not working

- error logs older then 30 days are purged at startup

- fix for fade timing

- added fade out to the stop all button

- updated IVT server for new paths and settings

- reduction in timer flicker

- changed the played history from the specific cut to the artist

- fix for onair not resetting relays when the option is selected on an audio cut

- upgraded DJB Sports for new settings and paths

- added Delayed Playback of Currently Recording BGR items, playback can begin within a few seconds of the record starting

- added backup VT option if a file called (replce WXYZ with station call letters) WXYZ_backupvt.mp3 exists in the audio folder it will be used in place of missing VT's

- enhancement to the fade in function, fade is smoother and tighter

- fixed Color issue when stopping the 4th playing hotkey

- error logs automatic purge after 30 days

- removed support for the old SignOn command

- removed support for the player volume, kill player and fade player commands

- removed support for the timer and end timer commands

- removed support for filecopy and filedelete commands

- Fixed issue with the EOG closure during a SportLog

- numerous addition tweaks and fixes


- fix for URL streaming

- added Axia GPIO Option

- added Generic IP GPIO (SAS)

- correction for BGR and Rec devices


- adjustments and refinements to the Internet streaming playback and fading


- added new history lines to track if VT files exist

- checks for attach file and removes if it exists on startup, if can't be removed it warns the user

- sped up automation timing

- fixed issue of false watcher segs on certain command items

- fix for ultra loose cuts causing watcher seg

- fix for ultra tight voicetracks causing issues

- fix for audition page not loading high numbers

- fix for log loader to not be dependant on the date region setting in windows

- removed extra info from XML export, uses correct database information

- spelling correction in Weather program settings

- spelling correction in onair setting program

- fix for hooks players not using playback processing

- fix to hooks player skip logic

- stop sending generic RDS text after RDS Text Command

- fix for commands listed twice in the audio and event library

- fix for disabled audio and event library after Loge Editor edit


- updated the weather app for new accuweather source

- added accuweather link and logo to the weather tab

- updated the web weather report button to load the correct accuweather page

- Fix for Dry Liner history log line not noting the next cuts intro correctly


- re-enable cue to be next in the past log allowing users to go recue old schedule

- added a function to disable the keyboard commands...if nokeys.txt is in the install folder

 onair will ignore keyboard commands, file can be created or removed while program is running to change setting


- Interface changes to clean up onair screen

- added log delete button to bring interface in line with Zone

- fixes for attachment issues causing blinking buttons

- changes to the Dry Liner and VoiceTrack auto playback

- changes to other VT set seg playback

- Updated Sports Interface to do a cleanup on startup to avoid old commands firing on startup

- added a manual function to stop air from sending a lot of relay commands to the switcher if not used

 noaudiorelay.txt in the jbdata folder will stop relays from audio being sent

 noiorelay.txt in jbdata will stop relays from going out when closures come in


- updated scroll bar and minor gui changes

- updated sportslog to clear onair data before launch

- update to the weather app to display hi and low temperatures correctly

- fix for timers stopping when playing an audio cut from a command or drop liner


- updated for new weather provider


- fixed issues where the library wouldn't load if the user was quick on double searches or searching and clearing

- added keep window on top option for the audio library


- turned off the preloading of the audio library do to issues

- tracking history and errors with process ID to track issues better

- correction to the Packing process

- correction to some cuts rounding the display incorrectly depending on the number of seconds in the cut

- fix for mouse not changing pointer back if in drag and drop and the mouse button is released


- fix log editing index issue

- preload the audio library on startup for fast display

- to refresh the audio library press the audio library button on the library window


- fix for spot play and song play reports not generating


- fixes for inserting and moving items with syncs

- fixes for database packing both the schedule and database

- graphical color fixes when editing schedule

- numerous minor fixes and tweaks

- added license code to activation message to assist in Id'ing license

- added a Backup Audio Location for CS Licenses for automatic failover if server is lost

- Wheatnet correction to ignore reay numbers out of range


- moved error logs to a sub directory under the install folder

- fixed insert event issue with incorrect cut selection

- fixed log editing issues if log item wasn't correctly selected

- fixed issue where automation on command could cause double pay

- fixed issue where certain timing of an exact time event could cause double pay


- fix for Wait command not moving on when in automation

- fix for rec input on commands

- fix for expire dates


- added info to audio library screen

- added intro as a column in audio library screen

- cleaned up onair log display and removed columns to clean up clutter

- added column headers to the onair screen to remove some text from the log items, reduce clutter

- increase font size on the onair schedule

- reposition of intro count down clock

- New onair list display

- new onair timers on schedule

- updated the length on the audio library screen to be length to seg

- Library window stays on top when open

- added log update delay for live log changes to be controlled by air talent


- improved speed of tagging cuts when holding arrow keys

- fix for searching with apostrophe

- added multi select for tag mode

 enable tag mode

 tag first cut by mouse click

 scroll display to the cut you wish to end the selection at

 press and hold the shift key

 click the end cut

- added special error handling for scheduled web streams

- improved screen resizing on various resolutions

- made changes to prevent a possible loop when loading or searching on the insert event screen

- fix for mono importing with normalizing enabled

- new interface for selecting the cut number on adding new cuts


- added security to the production software

- fix for multicart button on production screen

- fix for onair VT check process not displaying the correct length when a VT is recorded

- changes for DJB Wheatnet if the oniar software is quit and reopened


- fix for category detection in batch import

- error trapping for database connection

- minor changes for scaling issues on lower resolution screens

- internal timing changes

- changes to the screen layout of the production screen for screen scaling on lowest resolution

- fix for background processes causing hold offs


- minor adjustment to the new Tune In support

- fix to the copy and pasting of shells

- fix for tag mode function in produciton with the keyboard

- newly designed Import a New Cut function, replaces going to add a new cut first

- Newly desgined CD Rip new Cut Function, replaces going to add a new cut first

- Newly designed Record a New Cut Function, replaces going to add a new cut first

- Changes to BAtch Import Process , replaces going to add a new cut first

- new functions to replace selected Cut in production, use the overwrite import, Record or CD rip to overwrite an existing cut


- correction to the onair drag and drop editing when a log item was dragged up into the cued area of the screen

- correction for inserted items colors

- correction to the multi cart scheduling

- Replaced Live365 Titles with TuneIn since Live 365 is out of business

- Schedule Loader optomizations

- Minor Display Issues in DJB Wheatnet Add On

- correction to the Right mouse CLick menu function in production


- lightened the grey for done items on the onair screen

- added the schedule time back to done and Onair items

- fix to the BMI and Spot report to dynamically check audio types of played schedule items

- fix to BMI and SPOT reports for Database Information

- added multiple fields to the audio cuts report

- changed the hour duration time format


- more screen scalling fixes for monitors above 1920 x 1080

- changes to the import over write dialog in production

- fixes to the category tree view in production

- bundled optional wheatnet interface with main installer for onair

- added some prtections for cuts with bad activation and expiry date info

- corrections to the remove audio cut from multi cart

- fix to the BMI and Spot Reports

- fix for editing audio types

- updated search on the production screen


- fixed screen scaling issue for VT and Log Editor

- added divider lines on VT and Lod Editor

- fixed other screen scaling issues


- improved Drag and Drop in Log and From Library\HotKeys to Log

- new Hour Content Count Down Timer

- new click on current time to get time remaining in hour timer

- fix for copy and paste in shell editor

- control launching Courier from the settings of onair

- Courier will now exit at 11:45 pm so onair can pack the database, onair will reopen when done

- Courier strips letters out of cart chunk cart numbers if they exist

- new log display

- updated Now Playing upload software

- improved cut display in production with faster column sorting


- Fix for audio library issues when search returned with nothing found


- Fix for blank lines in schedules in place of audio cuts in the shells

only occurs if shells were edited with version 3.0.243 and audio cuts were added to the shells


- onair will close audio library if left open during compacting process

- fix for special character ' in search

- fix for responses not being disabled from btools switchers

- fix for improper serial data from btools swichers or bad USB to serial adapters(symptoms are generally unwanted or double closures)


- Tweak to the database handling in the library screen

- Fix to copy and paste, onair and log editor

- Fix to inserting commands onair and log editor

- Fix to Traffic import when file not found

- Added line to traffic import error file if no valid entries found in scheduled rotation

- Added viewer for error logs to the report screen

- Added verify step to schedule removal when re-scheduling, if file cannot be deleted process stops

- Removing a 9999 sync from the log will disable the sync in that hour

- Added copy and paste items across different shells in the shell editor

- Added copy and paste hours across different shells in the shell editor

- Added a display to show what items or what shell hours are copied to the clipboard

- Added a display on the onair system tab to show what hours have 9999 syncs enabled

- Update to courier to set default seg at 0.2


- Fix for cart chunk intro on batch import not coming in

- fixes for the event library and hot key editor searches not displaying all results


- Fixed database disconnect if packing failed overnight (user leaves a production machine running)

- Expanded the database monitor to include the station database


- Fix for multicarts causing crash on insert

- Fix for choose cut window in the shell editor not loading the cut list properly sometimes


- numerous fixes


- Initial release

- Upgraded the database to 99,999

- DJB Courier updated to support the cut numbers from Content Depot

- Files Imported from content depot will be given the Audio Type of program