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DJB Radio Production Release Notes


- fix for issues when searching in tagged cuts

- Commands.ini is imported into the stations database ** Run Onair Settings convert before running Onair **

- Audio Paths have changed

- added mass change for artist 2 and artist 3

- purge error logs that are older then 30 days

- added VU meter on playback to the Audio Editor in production

- Changed the descriptions for Avails in commands

- corrections to mass changer delete

- enhanced information on each window title bar

- added a load DB info option on the import overwrite screen to load the current cut info into the edit boxes

- changing MCC titles in the MCC editor will change the Title in the Prod database for any Forwarding cuts set to that MCC

- fix for closing the program via the close window X

- changed the played history to be the specific cut in production, but artist in the log editor

- added segue auto detection by audio level

- added option to load DB info rather then tag info when you import overwrite a cut

- added a category analysys report for schedules

- changed normalization options to a dbfs level rather then volume %


- fixed issue where the category avg cut calculation was including old deleted cuts

- if cut year field is missing from the audio cuts report it will be added automatically

- tweaks and logo change on main menu screen

- fix for duplicate items ending up in exported reports

- printing fix

- updated audio dlls

- fix for cddb no longer available


- fix for traffic import, false expired messages

- fix for loading MCC in prod

- fix for name dissapearing if you copy a shell to another number

- fix for after exit attachment problems

- fix for spelling in some screens


- adjustment to the Quick Normalize to normalize at closer to -2 dbfs

- added batch normalize on the mass changer to -3 dbfs (approx 0db in analog)

- fix for music import with high cut numbers


- change sort order of the multicut refrence drop down

- fix for Traffic sports log artist and titles copying pervious info if blank

- fix for the VT approx scheduled time display


- template mdb file is no longer required for schedule creation software directly creates schedule mdb files

- fix for error handling when importing traffic and there is no corresponding break in the schedule to fill


 - changes to VT to match Onair changes

 - VT users must enable edit function to prevent accidental attachment changes

 - minor interface changes and cleanup

 - fix for the Audiocuts report


- fixes for the sports interface editor

- added traffic import for the sports interface

- fix for right mouse click menu on the main production screen

- fix for the copy/move cut feature finding destination cut in use when it is not

- fix for display issue on editor

- fixed order of weather boxes on VT screen

- fixed issue with importing sync times from 3rd party schedulers


- fix for crash if pressing enter button on the change id box when adding new content to the database

- fix for CD ripping Art path not being set correctly

- fix for naming of the CD ripper art

- fix for traffic import report when cuts missing, formatting corrections

- moved the import complete message box to the very end of the traffic import process


- fix for index issues when log editing

- fix for spin report under CS version


- added ability to generate a missing spot play history file from the schedule


- smaller text in the shell editor to fit more on screen

- fix for index issue when creating schedules

- improved error catching when inserting items


- repair for traffic file import


- changed the VT and Log Editor schedule load lists to show newest schedules first

- changed the Traffic and Music Importer to shows newest dates first

- adjustments to the schedule time calculations

- corrected a rounding error in the duration calculation

- added command importing to the Traffic import...traffic can now send the log notes to import commands into the schedule

- adjustments to the inserting of time sync items by the log editor and VT

- log edits will correct schedule times for the hour that was changed

- removed the refresh schedule times button as feature is no longer required


- batch importer will user file name info if artist and title tag feilds are blank

- added extended wav file importing when the wav file is exported from another DJb system

- fix for scheduler with artist 2 and 3 issues

- added import for Zara Radio files with intro and segue in the filename

- optomizations for slow network shares

- Added Mass Change Export to PCM

- Added Mass Change Export to Mp2

- fixed export Cart Chunk tagging segue information

- fixed attachment detection issue

- fixed insert event issue with incorrect cut selection

- moved error logs to sub directory under the install folder

- fix for single file import reading DJB tags on mp3

- fix for reading cart chunk tags that were at the end of the file

- added option to skip overwrite prompt when regenerating schedules

- improvements to the IO Control Editor

- faster boot as it no longer checks the database for upgrading, unless upgrade file is present

- added automatic overwrite option for the schedule creation screen


- fix to the unused cut list sometimes coming in out of order

- fix to audio library small searches display disabled

- added info to audio library screen

- added intro as a column in audio library screen

- updated the length on the audio library screen to be length to seg


- improved speed of tagging cuts when holding arrow keys

- fix for searching with apostrophe

- added multi select for tag mode

 enable tag mode

 tag first cut by mouse click

 scroll display to the cut you wish to end the selection at

 press and hold the shift key

 click the end cut

- added special error handling for scheduled web streams

- improved screen resizing on various resolutions

- made changes to prevent a possible loop when loading or searching on the insert event screen

- fix for mono importing with normalizing enabled

- new interface for selecting the cut number on adding new cuts


- added security to the production software

- fix for multicart button on production screen

- fix for onair VT check process not displaying the correct length when a VT is recorded

- changes for DJB Wheatnet if the oniar software is quit and reopened


- fix for category detection in batch import

- error trapping for database connection

- minor changes for scaling issues on lower resolution screens

- internal timing changes

- changes to the screen layout of the production screen for screen scaling on lowest resolution

- fix for background processes causing hold offs


- minor adjustment to the new Tune In support

- fix to the copy and pasting of shells

- fix for tag mode function in produciton with the keyboard

- newly designed Import a New Cut function, replaces going to add a new cut first

- Newly desgined CD Rip new Cut Function, replaces going to add a new cut first

- Newly designed Record a New Cut Function, replaces going to add a new cut first

- Changes to BAtch Import Process , replaces going to add a new cut first

- new functions to replace selected Cut in production, use the overwrite import, Record or CD rip to overwrite an existing cut


- correction to the onair drag and drop editing when a log item was dragged up into the cued area of the screen

- correction for inserted items colors

- correction to the multi cart scheduling

- Replaced Live365 Titles with TuneIn since Live 365 is out of business

- Schedule Loader optomizations

- Minor Display Issues in DJB Wheatnet Add On

- correction to the Right mouse CLick menu function in production


- lightened the grey for done items on the onair screen

- added the schedule time back to done and Onair items

- fix to the BMI and Spot report to dynamically check audio types of played schedule items

- fix to BMI and SPOT reports for Database Information

- added multiple fields to the audio cuts report

- changed the hour duration time format


- more screen scalling fixes for monitors above 1920 x 1080

- changes to the import over write dialog in production

- fixes to the category tree view in production

- bundled optional wheatnet interface with main installer for onair

- added some prtections for cuts with bad activation and expiry date info

- corrections to the remove audio cut from multi cart

- fix to the BMI and Spot Reports

- fix for editing audio types

- updated search on the production screen


- fixed screen scaling issue for VT and Log Editor

- added divider lines on VT and Lod Editor

- fixed other screen scaling issues


- improved Drag and Drop in Log and From Library\HotKeys to Log

- new Hour Content Count Down Timer

- new click on current time to get time remaining in hour timer

- fix for copy and paste in shell editor

- control launching Courier from the settings of onair

- Courier will now exit at 11:45 pm so onair can pack the database, onair will reopen when done

- Courier strips letters out of cart chunk cart numbers if they exist

- new log display

- updated Now Playing upload software

- improved cut display in production with faster column sorting


- Fix for audio library issues when search returned with nothing found


- Fix for blank lines in schedules in place of audio cuts in the shells

only occurs if shells were edited with version 3.0.243 and audio cuts were added to the shells


- onair will close audio library if left open during compacting process

- fix for special character ' in search

- fix for responses not being disabled from btools switchers

- fix for improper serial data from btools swichers or bad USB to serial adapters(symptoms are generally unwanted or double closures)


- Tweak to the database handling in the library screen

- Fix to copy and paste, onair and log editor

- Fix to inserting commands onair and log editor

- Fix to Traffic import when file not found

- Added line to traffic import error file if no valid entries found in scheduled rotation

- Added viewer for error logs to the report screen

- Added verify step to schedule removal when re-scheduling, if file cannot be deleted process stops

- Removing a 9999 sync from the log will disable the sync in that hour

- Added copy and paste items across different shells in the shell editor

- Added copy and paste hours across different shells in the shell editor

- Added a display to show what items or what shell hours are copied to the clipboard

- Added a display on the onair system tab to show what hours have 9999 syncs enabled

- Update to courier to set default seg at 0.2


- Fix for cart chunk intro on batch import not coming in

- fixes for the event library and hot key editor searches not displaying all results


- Fixed database disconnect if packing failed overnight (user leaves a production machine running)

- Expanded the database monitor to include the station database


- Fix for multicarts causing crash on insert

- Fix for choose cut window in the shell editor not loading the cut list properly sometimes


- numerous fixes


- Initial release

- Upgraded the database to 99,999

- DJB Courier updated to support the cut numbers from Content Depot

- Files Imported from content depot will be given the Audio Type of program