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DJB Web Logger Release Notes


- updated audio core to support more URL audio Codecs

- Fix for the web interface above 16 channel logger included in the installer

- Updated the installer to be a single file for all versions of the Logger, Channels are selectable during install


- new Online activation, be sure to get new license from support before upgrading

- added 16 and 24 channel versions

- added monitor feature to listen to any of the recording channels via the local sound card

- added a wild card to the commands for skimming

- fixes for silence detection not reading or saving settings correctly


- fix for memory issue when using Left only or Right only audio device configuration

- bundled optional Wheatnet interface for Wheatstone AOIP system.  Allows audio routing and closure reception from Wheatnet system.  Program is optional  with additional cost


- added Web Browsing Interface

- Added Skimming closures Via TCP/IP

- updated Icons

- fix for schedule not working on URL’s