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Radio Spider II Release Notes


- fixes for machines that do not have the windows updates installed to stop using TLS 1.0 force RS to Use TLS 1.2


- fixes for security protocol updates


- fix for sftp sites

- verified audio conversions on downloads

**To install this update you must first uninstall any previous Radio Spider II installs you have , then install the update


- fix to missing data in failure emails

- fix for duplicate failure emails


- Minor correction for specific FTP sites


- added ftps protocol

- fix for the ww and bw macros

- other minor fixes and changes

- New online activation license system


- minor fixes and changes


- fix for some odd HTTP servers that would only allow known browsers to download

- fix for illegal windows characters on some unix FTP servers


- fix for downloads starting when they are not scheduled


- fix for GoDaddy Email servers

- fix for Retries not being reset on succesful download

- various little fixes

- fix for macros in Cart Chunk tags


- fix for some FTP site root folders that ended up with double slashes


- don't write any of the file tags if no data is entered for scott chunk and cart chunk

- corrections to cart chunk tags

- audio dialog 'use .wav extension for .mp2 files' not saved properly - fixed

- fixed rows not showing proper active color after a copy/duplicate command

- fixed bug in s/ftp viewer dialog where it was ignoring nonstandard port addresses and failing

- progress field now displays text instead of bar: time running for each section (downloading, processing, etc)

- added support for scott chunk

- auto advance macro limit increased from 100 to 999999

- added weekday digit output macros: C0-single digit, sunday based (1,2,3...) C1-monday based CC0-2 digits, sunday based CC1-monday

based 2 digits