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DJB Zone On-Air Release Notes


- added highlander mode to only allow one air to run on a machine, disabling multi instance support place a file called therecanbeonlyone.txt in the install folder to enabled

- fixed issue where windows was causing button click with an enter or space bar press even when the window wasn't in focus

- fixed markplayed lookup issue

- fixed issues in the sports log player

- Improved the recording resolution of the BackGround Recorder

- fixed issue with nowplay xml to only send selected audio types


- correction for waveforms not showing on the audition window

- if the next item is locked for a pending seg the attachment update will wait till the seg is complete before refreshing

- added extra info to history for VT issues

- added fix for loose seg cuts

- added check of vt file if vt checker hasn't gotten around to the file yet to update length

- fixes for fading of music

- fix for stretch and compress for commercials

- fix for music playback pitch setting correctly

- fix for SQL backup monitor not saving settings correctly

- added more history information to monitor fade in and outs

- corrections to the metadata manager

- improved seg tightening of the hook player

- numerous other minor bug fixes and tweaks

- log attachment adjustments for stability

- fix for timing issues with commands and the automation watcher

- if you add a file to the install folder called noweather.txt air will skip loading the weather app

- updated onair settings program to fix serial port off by one issue

- added a note to the startup history to note the com port that is being enabled


- initial release