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DJB II Release Notes


- update for change in weather provider


- fix for now playing software uploading to certain FTP sites

- further corrections to artist 2 and 3 scheduling

- fix for VT log edits possibly not going to the right place


- New Online activation do not upgrade until you have your new license codes

- fix for further display issues when running a stream

- fix for crash on exit

- redesign stream playback

- stream metadata now logged and displayed on screen

- onair settings is launched through a separate icon now

- added meter display for stream payer

- added import for Zara Radio files with intro and segue in the filename

- fix for drag and drop editing in the log editor would disable insert on audio library

- added more players to the internet stream player to avoid conflicts when more then one stream is in the schedule

- fix for cueing more then one stream at a time

- fix for display issues on timers when running a stream

- no longer adjusts 0 segues to 0.7 now adjust to 0.2

- moved error logs to a sub folder of the install directory

- fix for error in waveform editor when saving

- possible fix for locking weather files if error occurs

- added record label to the syrinx text output for onair title data

- fix for vt length display on log editor and vt after recording

- fix for hour time displays

- fix to the nowplaying FTP HTML uploader


- fix for mono file import with normalize enabled

- fix for event library screen disabling after a lot of edits

- added autoon function to IO screen for simply enabling the audio button and not starting an item

- fix for lower resolution screens will support lower then 1280x1024, it is still suggested that machines support the minimum resolution or higher1.6.71

- fix for length search

- fix for possible loop on loading or searching in the event library


- fix for searches with an apostrophe such as "don't"

- fix for inserting an item in to top position of midnight


- fix for selecting files after a search


- display changes for screens that can't support a true 1280x1024

- fixes to the sports interface

- improved error checking on web streams

- fixes for cut searches


- stopped the onair screen from taking the focus back when event library is opening via shortcut keys

- minor bug fixes

- added further error tracking to the Onair

- fix for XML not getting correct data

- fix for SportsLog commands not getting to the onair correctly


- added some new error trapping to voicetracking and the log editor

- added further logging for contact closures to show when the input is turned on and off

- added error trapping for bad commands from the broadcast tools

- broadcast tools polling times should be moved to 150ms, 100ms is too fast for 9600Baud


- fix for some segue calculations

- Added history error message when a play is attempted and no play device is available


- expanded scheduler artist and title protection level from 99 to 299

- added a scheduler error log file, will be created if there are unscheduled events

- expanded the automation watcher timeout to better allow for segues set at the complete end of file


- fix to the sports log opening the database

- added sportson command, same a sportsstart except it will not put the system into live assist, this can be used to pre-load the sports interface well before a game


- fix for importing some cart chunk files that store the Seg with segs and sege

- fix for the scheduled hour check calculation

- fix for error on import for songs with longer then 99 second intros in cart chunk

- fix for time estimate when recording voicetracks

- fix for missing time and temperature files causing a double play on next item

- added album to the BMI report

- changed field order to the BMI report

- changed field order to the spot play report

- added sportsdelay, rain delay closure, will resume normal programming but leave the sports interface running, will send the end of game command

- added sportsresume, when the rain delay is over this command will stop the log and resume the game

- updated sport interface for sportsdelay, will send the before spots command to turn off game audio

- updated sports interface for sports resume will send after break command to resume game


- fix for log printing not filtering deleted items

- fixes to schedule hour durations calculations

- corrected VT duration calculations after recording


- added a serial log for monitoring the serial commands sent to a broadcast tools switcher

- fix for Broadcast tools muting channels if a bad relay command is sent

- fix for relays on SS4.4 and ACS8.2

- Added selections for SS4.4 and ACS8.2

- redesign off mass changer in production


- Fix for voicetracking not opening properly


- fix for active date not being saved on import

- fix for active hour and expire hour not being saved on import

- minor changes to refresh schedule times in the log editor

- added a schedule check to the play history in case of a corrupt schedule file

- fix for SRC-16 inputs and relays

- fix for Time and Temp recording


- fix for live stream playback in the schedule

- corrections to refresh schedule times

- closure fired multicut carts now respect activation and expire dates


- added confirmation to mass delete

- added progress information to the spins report generate

- fixes to the 9800 command and the input disabled button, they are now in sync, one can control the other

- fix for adding items to the schedule with an exact time or sync time

- added category usage analyer to the shells editor to see the uage of the categories over the hour, 6a-6p and all day

- fix for hook play command not working or possibly ending early during the promo

- fix for fade up not fading correct device

- changed the play history report in production to a new display with the abilty to print

- added Commotion compatible output for those streaming with commotion

- added refresh button to album art selection window

- added serial commands viewing window to digital io testing, to view all serial data coming from serial devices

- fix for spot play report not generating

- voicetracks now show up on the log in onair and VT as bright green if they are missing, the files are checked once a minute and the log is updated

- IVT uploads no longer trigger a full log reload on the onair

- VT Records no longer trigger a full log reload on the onair

- IVT server upgraded to version

- fix for tagging files in production with no title

- fixed issue where internal hour may not be set correctly on drag and drop edits which would cause issues with log

- fixed edit command cuts screen so the position of the cursor stays the same on save

- added a virtual colusre command...Using a command with FIRE X replace X with closure number, the system will see that closure fire at that time


- fix for inserted cuts sometimes not getting the right hour in the schedule

- fix for blank lines in the schedule causing previous item to play again


- fix for delete not re-enabling screen after selecting no on confirmation

- fix for schedule hour lengths calculation

- fix for mass change export not prompting for a folder

- changed the 9999 sync to not move the cursor, it will simply move the onair next event to the first item in the next hour, also cleaned up some logic issues

- fix for dragging and dropping items into other hours not changing the internal hour of the log item

- added manual DJB sports quit command, sportsstop can be used to end a game on a sync if no end of game closure is sent


- fix for edit functions allowing a second edit before first function was finsihed

- fix for event library button causing crash if double clicked

- fix for deleting an item causing a reindex issue


- fix for for log reindex after edits

- fix for traffic import report not showing missing audio correctly

- fix for wait command possibly causing 2 segues


- fix for com port not being selected correctly for switchers


- fix crash from refresh log times in log editor

- fix crash from dragging and dropping the same items to many times, or in the same area

- fix for reindexing the schedule on log changes


- fix for crash on drag and drop editing

- fix for audio cuts report view

- fix for opening csv files in excel

- fix for hour display in VoiceTracking

- added refresh schedule times to Log Editor


- redesign hooksplayer

- fix for library inserts of Commands and Multicuts not adjusting log correclty

- fix for csv exports on reports having a .txt extenstion changed to .csv

- added csv export to audio cuts report

- fix for some log items not creating a correct history file entry, mostly non audio cuts

- fixed issue where insert jock break could make the schedule out of sync if a log editor or VT editing current log

- fixed weather display when temp goes over 100 degrees

- fixed issue where audition panel could change next event segue

- added history item for loaded file and date stamp for the file on each player

- fixed issue where drag and drop edits would not trigger a log update on the same day

- Dry Liners are now considered the same as VoiceTracks....they follow the same audio ducking settings, as they are essentially the same kind of audio as Voicetracks

- updated now playng software to correct issue when non music now playing was sent

- fixed issue with TM Century Gold Wave files causing an error if no time present in the TM Century AUX field


- fixed issue with Now Playing Style C not exporting the correct URL's

- fixed issue with the playhooks causing a loop

- fixed issue with the Ending type not updating on the currently playing item

- fix to old ver history and spot play, date and time was not in the correct format to match the old file

- fix to Broadcastools buffer not clearing on polling


- fixed error on music import if cut was not found

- Added new Log file for music imports to show files that were not found

- fixed error on calcutlate schedule times for music imports and traffic imports

- added com port check for Broadcast tools and RDS, if not found it will let you change the settings


- Fix for some BGR timing issues

- added new BGR History file to track BGR recordings

- Fix for Tempo protection

- updated audio componets to fix playback issue in editor

- fixed progess bar in editor when start position was not the begining of the file

- fix for blank artisit/title or composer fields causing errors during music file import

- cleaned up Broadcasttools IO serial communications

- add Time Marker command make a command cut that contains @MM:SS when in the schedule the system will calculate the schedule time for items after it from this point

- exact time events will show sync time in scheduled time field, items after will estimate time based on that time

- fix for timer display issue when song plays longer then segue (in manual mode)


- Fix for VoiceTrack Auto adjust not always working

- expanded error on audio file load and play during automation

- added Razor Blade Editor to the Onair Screen

- Added Edit Command Cuts to the system Tab in Onair

- Added Edit IO controls to on air system tab

- added edit satellite grids to onair system tab

- fix for stacking commands causing odd issues during automation

- updated command cuts help with new info

- added access to the System closures Sat I/O control (sat grid 0)

- fix for Wait command holding fades

- " are replaced with ' on save in database to prevent errors during scheduling

- fix for the save after record

- fix for batch import loading last category and audio type

- fixed import normalizer using memory causing large files to crash system when out of memory

- fixed counter on batch import

- new tag mode to replace the tag/untag button, with tag mode enabled click to tag or untag

- pressing the event library button on the log editor while the event library is open will not bring the window back

- pressing the event library button on the VT editor while the event library is open will not bring the window back

- updated Now Playing software to include more info on screen to help with uploading

- updated IVT Server, issue when exiting while minimized

- updated for reazor blade editor, fixes record meter resize issue

- fix for cd ripping causing an error when no info is obtained from FreeDB

- fix for multi cut carts causing issue on music file importing

- fix for I/O control grids loading off by 1

- added event sync info to audition panel and log editor


- database expanded to 29,999 cuts

- schedule on screen now shows original scheduled time

- added a button for resetting player volume levels

- added a display item on the system panel to show player volumes

- reworked ducking on VT playback

- added xml nowplaying file that is compatible with Center Stage and Securenetsystems

- added diagnostic information to the history file for the database compact process

- switched the digital editor to a temp file rather then memory to stop out of memory errors when the file being edited exceeds the memory in the system.

- fix for batch import coming on during regular import after doing a batch import

- if the jbcoverart folder is missing it will be created when you try to load art

- fixed save dialog appearing after record in production

- revamped all the audit reports

- added digital I/O audit report

- fixed issues with the spot play report not displaying correctly

- pressing event library in onair will bring the window forward if already open or minimized

- fixed a display issue with the character "&" on the onair screen

- fixed issue with VoiceTrack device setting not loading properly

- removed audio device change from the VT screen to prevent accidental device changes, can be changed in master settings

- removed audio device change from the BGR screen to prevent accidental device cahnges, can be changed in master settings

- fix for BGR device not being set or load properly from settings

- added new screen for importing log from music file, better information and diagnostics

- added history items for DJB Sports to better track functions

- program checks for station files, if not found will exit gracefully and provide the user info

- program checks for audio card, if no record or playback devices are found it will exit gracefully

*DJB Weather has been changed, due to problems with the internet based location detection, it has been disabled

You Must enter a correct zip or postal code to get your weather


- new audio type dry liners

- audio with the type of dry liners will auto adjust segue time to auto post into intro of next item

- added the BGR and Voicetracking record devices to the master settings

- new voicetracking interface

- new hour duration checker in the log editor and voicetracking

- changes to the onair screen, bigger clock easier to read font

- fixed issue with scheduleing and an empty composer field

- added back in the old history file format since Natural Software did not update to the new format

- importing files with valid tags, but no artist and title should now bring in file info

- Exact time sync on items will no longer move the cursor to the item

- fix for file open error for traffic import error file

- opening the mass changer will close the wave form display incase delete is used (if the item on the waveform display was tagged the waveform display holds the file open)


- former pro features are always enabled, password no longer needed

- fix for loading artist 2 and artist 3 info

- fixed issue with the 9800, 9801 or the 94XX commands causing issues is automation

- removed the automatic case adjustment on the now playing text

- fixed issue where sportslog would disable closures on end of game

- fix for the outro/album field when CD's have no CDDB info

- logged traffic importing errors to a file for later refrence on traffic import

- fixed production waveform not showing after exiting voicetracking

- fixed the insert event box from resizing when you open it on lower resolutions

- installer now includes DJB II Sports Interface, but a seperate license must be purchased to activate

- installer now Includes Radio Twitsoft, but a seperate license must be purchased to activate

- fix for loosing the album\outcue field on import

- added generic list info chunk reader for wav files

- changes to the voicetrack file creation

- fix for composer error during scheduling


- fix for wave files with invalid bext tags could not be loaded in the digital editor

- fix for NPR cart chunk reading

- Fix for wave files with no tag info importing no data, will now default to the file name

- added option to batch send editor attachments rather then live changes (VT and Log), during the time the editor is connected the onair edit functions are disabled

- removed tab from production screen and resdesigned for would dissapear on window resize

- made BGR schedule update on exit on the onair screen and auto refresh every 15 minutes for changes made outside onair

- total redesign of the same day scheduleing engine, changes are passed to all connected editors, log or VT

- fix for the editor not engaging the save button after a cut or paste

- added error information to history file for playback devices

- changed the normalize button on the editor to quick normalize, will automatically normalize to 98%, full normalize can still be found under the effects menu

- added tm century gold drive tag information importing

- added tm Century Gold Wave Tag information to import engine

- fix for invalid date information in databse causing 380 error

- fix for BMI report, scheduler not putting composer in schedule

- added Multi cuts, IVT Scooper and IVT Schedule pack Creation to the main screen

- added Satellite I/O, Grids and Command Cut editing to the main screen

- improved IVT Schedule pack creation to show progress

- new satellite grid editing screen

- new multi cut cart screen

- new time and temp setup screen

- fix for batch import prompting to save cut information

- fix for batch import not showing the correct amount of audio files being imported

- fix for batch import file window not refreshing correctly

- Fix for VT recording and PCM

- fix for database disconnect after packing

- redesign of log rollover

- extended history information for rollover

- fix for mp2 recording

- added the VT recorder will now respect the Record type set in the settings rather then always mp3

- fixed possible quality issue in the vt recorder where the default format of the audio card was used

- fixed issue where after a log change to the current schedule the onair machine would not color the schedule correctly

- icreased the quality of the recorded time and temp announce cuts

- added protection to 9999 command to skip if you are already in the next hour in the schedule

- added protection to stop the multiple weather loads

- added scrolling waveform display to the production display

- upgraded the scoper for IVT to a faster process

- all new Razor blade editor

- all new produciton editor

- fixed protection issues with the move function in production

- fixed protection issues with the copy function in production

- intro time, segue and the hooks no longer save automatically to the database when the button was pushed, you must press save, prevents accidental database changes

- if the scheduler cannot schedule an item do to a rule failure it will now post a message in the schedule rather then a blank line

- redesign of Schedule settings screen

- all new production wave form display and visual markers for segue, intro and hooks

- system will now compact the database at 00:16 everyday

- added a refresh file list to the mass import selection window

- fixed 9999 sync issue where if you were ahead in the schedule it would restart an hour

- fixed automation issue if Time files were not found

- fixed automation issue if temprature files were not found

- fixed issue where blank lines or log notes would not be tracked properly in the history file

- added hour to the scheduled time on the audition screen

- fixed issue in logeditor if you dragged a log item past the top item and off the schedule causing an error

- added normalization to the CD Ripper

- upgraded the album image that the ripper downloads from the medium sized image to the large

- added normaltion to the single file import

- upgraded BGR recording quality

- added text file output for Synrix broadcast system (

- extended the edit shell window

- added the filename to the audiocuts report

- DJB now only checks for major and minor versions for production connecting to onair (eg 1.1.6 prod can still connect to a 1.1.0 onair, but a 1.0 prod cannot connect to a 1.1 onair)

- fix for possible double log load at midnight, added history to track issue

- tracked DJB II version in history at startup

- added extended history for log loading and 9999 syncs

- changed the process for the 9999 sync so that it will function if the log starts to fall behind or if a sync was not used in some hours

- added history for the playnext button and the automation button to track user presses

- added a toggle button to enable the screen following along with automation in the log editing screen

- fixed printing audit reports, added improved report printer

- Fixed Copy right info at the bottom of reports to be current year

- Fixed issue where deleteing the next event would not cue up the right audio

- fixed issue where exact time syncs would not fire correctly

- fixed issue where time syncs would not fire correctly

- fixed issue with log roll over where in some situations it may happen twice

- fixed issue where log changes from a production studio on a live log could cause the wrong item to cue next

- changed the failsafe log load to :59:57 to give a little protection

- added basic schedule printing to log editor

- changed the layout of the audition panel and increased the album art size

- added a button on the system panel to refresh the log display if cut descriptions are updated in production

- in screen follow mode the highlight bar will return to the onair item on segue to update the audition panel

- fixed issue with exact time markers tracking off the cursor and not the onair air position

- added exact time info to the audition panel

- fixed the system messages showing the exact time info if enabled on next event

- added history tracking for item time syncs and exact time markers

- fix for mark played being set incorrectly

- fix for timestamp format in history file for non digital audio items

- fix the song play history window not showing all info

- fixed issue where if the automode command was next it would fire early

- fixed issue where commands don't show in the onair now area

- fixed issue where jock assist and automation mode commands don't get marked as played properly    

- Fixed issue where files were audio files were not closed until a new file was played

- fixed black text on black in mass changer

- Sometimes clicking the X in the upper right corner of the window will close the window

- added a button on the system menu to show the compressor screen

- fixed the hour schedule lengths getting cut off in the auditiopn tab

- enabled the filename field in the hot key editor so you can clear an audio file off a button

- hot key editor prompts for save if you load another page or close and have made changes

- fixed album art not displaying correctly in the audition tab

- changed the date format in the history files so that the text columns stay consistent even when the day and                       month are single digits

- padded the cut number in the history file so that it would always be 5 digits

- fixed spot play and song play history files not tracking correctly

- restored the play history button in production, now on the other info tab

- made a change to possibly correct the disapearing info on the production tabs

- disabled certain settings if the machine is production vs onair

- fixed text being cut off on scheduler menu window

- added view play history to the audition tab on the onir screen     

- Initial Release